I have a 3ft corn snake. He eats 3-4 live mice every 2-3 weeks. Comes with 50 Gal tank. Asking $100 with tank or $65 without tank Will send pictures upon request Text 4433424725
Please read the description completely before contacting MATTS. Many of your questions will be answered below. Jameela is a young, aquatic pink-bellied side-necked turtle (Emydura subglobosa). She's behind on the growth curve because she is a very sh...
I'm an 8", three to 5yr old common snapping turtle for adoption in the Baltimore area. I grew up indoors since I was a baby, so I can't be released to the wild, because we don't know where I came from originally, or if I was kept with non-nativ...
I am a captive bred sub-fullgrown aquatic male Rio Grande cooter turtle (Pseudemys gorzugi) that is for adoption in the Baltimore/York, PA, area. I'm about 6 ins long and about 3 years old, which means I could live another 15-25 yrs. I would l...
Visit www.sulcata-station.org to learn more about this species. All potential sulcata adopters are encouraged to go to http://harpoandfriends.homestead.com/Harpostory.html and read "My 1st Year with Harpo", as well as visitwww.sulcata-station.org W... see more at Pet finder
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