In good condition I have 2 cages can be used for rabbits or guinea pigs
Here are our bachelor boys, Taz, Rex and Jojo. They are just babies! Hamsters are used to living solitary lives, however these 3 have gotten along in the same cage as long as the cage is big enough that they can have their own sleeping houses. Th...
For Dove and Ian it was love at 1st sight. They are often seen cuddling and grooming each other. Dove is outgoing, constantly throwing her toys, digging, chewing, and running over to see what you are doing. She loves demolishing cardboard boxes. Ia...
Fennel, her mother, and 5 three-week-old litter mates were rescued from a Maryland shelter in January 2018. Fennel is now 4 mons old and about 4lbs. She's very wonderful and learning to use her litterbox. Fennel is vetted and spayed and r...
Hello kind hoomins, I am having fun in my foster home. I am very great with cables/cords. So far, I have only nibbled one cable at my foster home. The hoomins here really should bunny proof the house to keep me out of trouble. Im fully litter trained an...
Temperance is a beautiful and dainty white miniature-rex. We're not sure about her past treatment but when she 1st came to us she was terrified of people. She is paradoxically both shy and aggressive. This is often the case with super smart rabbits who hav...
Friends of Rabbits is made up of volunteers who simply care about saving bunnies. People are its lifeblood. Without people, Friends of Rabbits would not exist. Friends Of Rabbits is actively looking for more willing foster homes. If you would like to...
Im a exquisite young full grown girl with the softest fur ever. Im friendly, outgoing and love to be around people. I will follow up around and even run to you when called. Sometimes I demand attention by digging on your feet until you pet me! I love to j...
Blinky is a lanky, athletic four-month-old boy that will probably grow to be about 7-eight pounds. Blinky's mother was a Chinchilla mixture who was rescued in February 2018 from a Maryland shelter and then had a litter of 6 babies a week later! Blinky is n...
My name is Kevin. I am a 1 yr old male Guineapig. In my previous home I lived with kids and we got along good! I love to nibble on hay, fresh veggies, and chew toys. Strangers need to go slow with me; I get startled easily around new people. ...
Adopt Flurry a White Lop-Eared / American / Mixed rabbit in Reisterstown, MD (20221389) spayed/neutered
Adopt Gingerbread a White American / American / Mixed rabbit in Reisterstown, MD (20472488)
Adopt Lunar a Grey/Silver American / American / Mixed rabbit in Reisterstown, MD (20364736) spayed/neutered
one year old Toph and Cotton are in need of a new home because their owner is not able afford to have them spayed/neutered. They are a cute pair. Their owner says this about them: "Toph is the brown one and shes the female,she loves food,she'll eat almost anything lol,shes also more social than Cotton and shes a very nosey bunny lol. Cotton is the white one,he gets along with all animals, he do...
Adopt Eclipse a Black Miniature Rex / Miniature Rex / Mixed rabbit in Reisterstown, MD (20235124) spayed/neutered
Hi there I am not available yet as I am still tending to my babies but check back soon for I will be looking for my forever home
Hi there I am not available yet as I still need my mom and time to grow but check back in about 3 1/2 weeks and I should be ready to find my forever home.
Adopt Grimm a Tan or Beige Guineapig / Guineapig / Mixed small animal in Fallston, MD (20327732)
This dapper guineapig is named Chipmunk. Chipmunk is a nine month old tricolored male. Chipmunk seeks attention and whistles when he gets excited. He was initially bashful in front of the camera but became more and more interested. Are you and your family ready to welcome this superstar into your home? Visit this organization's website to see any additional details available about this pet.
Meet Yoshi and King Boo! Yoshi and King Boo are both one ear old male guineapigs. Yoshi is a dark gray and King Boo is white and gray. They both have cute cow licks which makes them beyond lovable. Both guineapigs are friendly and engaging. Although they came into the facility together, we think they will be ok if they were adopted by separate families as long as they are given lots of love and...
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